Friday, February 29, 2008


Here are pictures of our collaborative exhibition that opened in the Owl & Lion Gallery this Friday evening. It runs till Sunday 2nd only, don't miss it!

A really big THANK YOU to Isabelle Ting and Eddy McGowan from the Gallery, who offered us this opportunity at extremely short notice, and spent hours helping us put it together!

"Even Mackintosh needs ceramics!"

A list of names of every student, both part-time & full-time, as well as visiting students , and staff, was included in the exhibition to show the large number of people directly affected -right now- by this "proposal".

"I give a fuck"

Glasgow School of Art is contributing to the downfall of Ceramics.

The Head of the Design School recommends that no new students will be accepted for both the full-time and part-time Ceramic degree courses, which will therefore result in the end of undergraduate ceramic education in Scotland.

The decision, taken in haste without any student of staff consultation will have major implications for Scottish design, culture, and tourism. As ceramics students of GSA, we feel passionately that there is a promising future for ceramics in Scotland and are
disappointed that GSA lacks the vision and courage to support
a profitable and innovative element of the Design School.

P.S. The grass is real!

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