Friday, April 11, 2008

Closure of Edinburgh College of Art's Glass

We just heard the sad news yesterday that the Edinburgh College of Art is closing their Glass department. It is well-known and successful, and again the only one in Scotland, and i was shocked to hear about it. I don't have many more details right now, but will try to find out more.

The future of craft, or materials & skills based practice, in Scotland (and also the UK) is looking bleak, with the closure of the only remaining ceramics and glass courses. It makes me very sad, and worried, that both GSA and ECA are proving to be so short-sighted, closed-minded and conformist. With opportunities to study at degree level no longer available, it will have to be up to us, as makers, to ensure our disciplines are kept alive and moving forwards.

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kickinglass said...

Please note that the Glass Department at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) is alive and kicking! In 2008 no second year students were taken on, though there were new post-grads accepted. Since there have been two years of new students accepted into the department (though it leaves the curious situation where there will be no undergraduate degree show in 2011 and only one Masters student exhibiting).

The Glass Department is optimistic that the pending merger of ECA with the University of Edinburgh will further boost its profile and security.