Monday, March 3, 2008

Other things we've been up to...

We did some flyer-ing at the Fashion show tonight, wearing very fashionable and fetching t-shirts ourselves, as you can see! Big THANK YOU to the textiles-students who have been so supportive.

Bill and Jim (from the part-time course) show what is going on...

A little group of us ran the 5km Fun Run, as part of the Meadows Marathon event in Edinburgh on Sunday. We ran around and gave out flyers -

Last Wednesday, there was an event held at the Hilton Glasgow for all of the staff members of GSA, about the future of the school (
We thought this was a good opportunity to raise awareness about the closure of the course - two students went in the morning, but were
refused permission to give out flyers by the director Seona Reid.
She did however invite us to come back after the event, which a larger group did, finding many responsive and supportive members of staff there. It makes the decision even more controversial, when one considers all of the voices of opposition and concern that are being ignored. These are coming from all around.

We continue to be very grateful for the support from other staff, students, and members of the public. THANK YOU!
We'll keep you posted...

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