Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Academic Council Meeting - students' response

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! to everyone who joined us today to show support against the closure of the ceramics degree courses! It was really encouraging that so many turned up, and i think we made our point loud and clear.

Seona Reid told the group of students waiting outside the Boardroom after the meeting, that a decision has been made (surprise, surprise!), but that they want to inform the staff tomorrow morning before they talk to the students.
So, i'll put more information up as soon as i know it.

Also; the issue has been raised in the Scottish Parliament! To see their questions, look here.
The external examiners have written a strong letter asking for answers. There are serious concerns among some of the Governors about the process in which this decision has been made. In short, there are other voices of opposition.

It will not be over yet...

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